Take a Proactive Approach with ADT® Monitored Security Services

Did you know that the crime rate is going up and there are more incidents of burglaries occurring every day? Though insurance is a good option, the best option is to secure your home through a security system and monitoring service. Choose ADT Security Services for monitoring to help keep your home burglar-proof. Take that long overdue vacation without having to worry about strangers breaking into your home. When you are at work, or on the go, you shouldn’t find yourself worrying about what is happening at your home. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at what being tension-free can do to your overall performance while at work, thanks to ADT-monitored security systems.

Once you install your system, you know your home is monitored around-the-clock. In the event of an intrusion, sensors are tripped, an alarm is triggered and the signal is received at the monitoring center, which then alerts dispatchers who contact you and the police or guard service. This can help prevent minor and major disasters.

Another scenario is when you and your family are away on that much deserved vacation. It is quite natural to feel unsafe as any burglar can simply break in and walk away with that expensive stereo or iPad or laptop. Once you have secured your home with ADT-monitored home security systems you no longer have to worry about leaving your house unoccupied. The moment the burglar alarm signal is received from your home, the professionals at ADT will inform you and the police or guard service immediately.

It is no wonder that ADT-monitored home security services are popular with a majority of households across the country. ADT, the trusted name in security service, has gained the confidence of people through reliable monitoring.

ADT customer service is available around the clock to answer your questions. The monitoring centers are located throughout the country and trained ADT professionals will dispatch the police or guard service to your home. Their timely action helps avert would-be disasters and helps protects your home. The monitoring service is available around-the-clock and is manned by professionals trained to handle all sorts of emergencies. You are bound to come across rave reviews when you browse the Internet. Just look for ADT security reviews that bear testimony to numerous happy homes protected by ADT.